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Because it makes ‘Making Sushi EASY’. You can also make delicious sweet and savoury treats. Please refer to our ‘Recipes’ for more ideas.

The Sushezi compresses the rice to ensure that your rolls will hold together, like the professionals. Please refer to the Sushezi Instructions in your Sushezi box.

The Sushezi is made from food grade FDA approved plastic and is dishwasher proof. Alternatively wash in warm soapy water with non-abrasive cloth or brush. The Sushezi needs to be completely opened and pulled apart for thorough cleaning. This includes removing the cap from the plunger rod. Make sure all areas are clean and dry before re-fitting.

Yes it is! You can be ensured that Sushezi uses quality materials and it is safe to prepare food in.

The Sushezi is made from food grade FDA approved plastic and is dishwasher proof.

The Sushezi is great for making Sushi like a professional. You can choose your own fillings to make Sushi your way! The Sushezi can also be used for making sweet and savoury treats. Check out our ‘Recipes’ for more ideas. Please refer to our General Food Safety Disclaimer in the Instructions sheet in your Sushezi box.

The Sushezi has a 2 year product warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects. Misuse of the product is not included in the warranty.

Your Sushezi will come with comprehensive step by step Instructions.

Easy! You can find Suggested Sushezi Fillings and Recipe ideas in the Instructions found in the Sushezi box.

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We also have distributors for the Original Sushezi in Australia and Europe. Please contact us if you are from these regions.

American orders are sent from our Nevada distribution facility. New Zealand orders are sent from our New Zealand warehouse.

Shipping times will vary depending on your location; however, we endeavour to ship your Sushezi within 2-4 days.

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