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Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado Sushi Roll

May 23 2022 – Jess McDowell

Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado Sushi Roll
Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado Sushi Roll

Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado Sushi Roll. Always a crowd pleaser. 

Cooking the Sushi Rice - Note: For best results always use short grain rice recommended for making Sushi- Please refer to your rice packet instructions

Ingredients for Sushi Rice

While the rice is still warm add the following ingredients. (This will make 2 rolls, approximately 24 Sushi pieces.)

- 2 cups Cooked Sushi Rice

- 2 tablespoons Rice Vinegar (or 3-4 tablespoons Sushi Vinegar)

- 1 tablespoons Sugar

- 1/4 teaspoon Salt

 For making Sushi 

- 2 Nori (roasted seaweed sheets)

- 1 Avocado

After mixing ingredients let the rice mixture cool, before using the Sushezi.

For the Teriyaki Chicken 

  • 2 Chicken Thigh Fillets quartered
  • 3 tablespoons Teriyaki Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon Oil
Teriyaki Chicken Instructions 
  • Marinade chicken thigh pieces in Teriyaki Sauce. Make sure each piece is completely covered with the sauce.
  • Heat the oil to medium hot (170°C) in a heavy set pan. Using tongs add a handful of chicken pieces to the oil, fry until cooked through (about 5 minutes). Carefully remove and lay on a paper towel lined rack. Repeat with the rest of the pieces.

Follow the Instructions for Making Sushi with the Sushezi.


It is important to use exactly half a cup of the rice mixture per side when packing the two halves. Too much rice will cause the mixture to overflow and too little rice will result in a loose sushi roll. Do not overfill the centre channel with too much filling.

serve with

  • pickled ginger
  • wasabi
  • soy sauce